Pete Hornbuckle, Gourmet Coffee Enthusiast and Home Coffee Bean Roaster

Pete Hornbuckle is a home roaster of green coffee beans. In this podcast he discusses how he devised his own personal system of roasting the beans on his barbecue grill. Through trial and error, he roasts the green coffee beans to his liking by making a few adjustments the temperature of his grill, the speed of the rotator motor for the spit on his barbecue grill, and the timing of the roasting process, as well as his method of cooling the beans as needed during the roasting process. He discusses how his interest in coffee went from being a non-coffee drinker, to a basic coffee drinker, to a higher end roast drinker, then blending fresh coffees to enhance the flavors, and being thrust by necessity into roasting his own beans. We see his process of setting up the grill, roasting the beans, timing the roast, adjusting the equipment to suit his needs, and cooling and storing the beans. He talks about higher end coffee grinders, and he will come back for a future video to tell us his brewing process for the perfect cup (to his taste) of coffee. The beans Pete buys come primarily from:

Sweet Marias–

Coffee Bean Central —

He is a member of the Facebook group Home Coffee Roasters.