Souffle image by Alison Pang on

I’m eating soft foods lately (for various dental and health reasons) and trying to cook things that are easy to eat and swallow. Bought some #Knorrs Alfredo Sauce for a soft polenta casserole with broccoli and the enhanced Alfredo Sauce (with mushroom bouillon cubes, garlic paste and onion powder. Leftover Alfredo Sauce was a good base for soufflés so we made soufflés while the broccoli polenta was baking in the oven, then we cooked the soufflés. Enjoyed this cheesy Alfredo meal with some delicious white Hungarian wine Juhfark, from the Somló region, 2018 vintage. (See to order the wines).

Photo of soufflés by Diane Dobry

Music: MEANINGFUL_AdobeStock_452592829_preview MISG Thinking Of Her Steven Glotzer, BMI.